My name is Ari.

I'm nine years old and I love art. I like to draw cartoons and cartoon roosters in different scenes. I also like to draw Greek mythology scenes from my favorite books of Percy Jackson and other books related to Greek mythology.

You may be wondering why I like roosters? Well when I was a baby my parents called me roo, (short for kangaroo.) They stopped calling me that and then my dad called me rooster once. (For some reason.) And I kind of liked that name so it stuck. Eventually I was just scrolling through google and found a cartoon rooster design and I liked drawing it.

You also might be wondering why you like Greek mythology? When I was in first grade my mom decided to get me a comic series of Greek gods which made me into Greek myths. Then when I was in 2nd grade I read the Percy Jackson series and other Greek mythology books related to it. After I saw the stories were so awesome, I imagined it deep in my head and I just wanted to draw about it.

Over Covid-19 I was staying in my house more. Doing school at home, and other activities. I would do art some days and music other days, you get the point. When I did the art I got better at shading with a pencil, painting with watercolor and acrylics, clayworking, and weaving. The more art I did, the more I wanted to try and learn. Now my favorite art is pencil sketching.

image of boy with glasses drawing

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